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The word ‘enough’ can be used as an adjective (determiner) and an adverb. Look at the definitions of ‘enough’ as adjective and adverb.

Enough as an adjective

‘as many or as much as somebody needs or wants’

Here are a few example sentences:

She does not have enough patience (noun) to look after children.

We did not have enough time (noun) to spend there.

The boy did not have enough money (noun) with him.

My uncle has enough time (noun) to watch TV in the afternoon.

There isn’t enough light (noun) in the room.

You can notice that ‘enough’ in the above examples has a ‘noun’ after it. This understanding helps us with remembering the rule,

enough (adjective) + noun

Enough as an adverb

‘to the necessary degree’

Here are a few example sentences:

I am not old (adjective) enough to become a member of this club.

He was intelligent (adjective)  enough to solve the problem in seconds.

This shirt is big (adjective) enough for me.

It’s not warm (adjective) enough. Let me turn on the heater.

He worked hard (adverb) enough to pass the test.

Verb/Adjective/Adverb + enough

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