Using Definite article ‘the’:

Choose appropriate option.



1. Use ‘the’ before the superlative forms of adjectives, as,

the quickest, the shortest, the most difficult, the most cunning

2. Use ‘the” to refer to something that has already been mentioned, as,

I have a laptop, a desktop and a tab. The desktop and the tab are working fine but the laptop has some issues.

3. Use ‘the’ in clauses or sentences to define or identify a specific person or      thing, as,

The woman whom you met yesterday is an engineer.

This is the book that I was referring to.

4. Use ‘the’ before adjectives to refer to a whole group of people, as,

The British (The British people) are very friendly.

The poor are in desperate need of help.

5. Use ‘the’ before the name of geographical locations, rivers, groups of  islands, oceans and mountain ranges, as,

The Titanic set sail on the Atlantic ocean.

The Ganga is a holy river.

6. Use ‘the’ with the names of families, as,

The Tatas are well-known all over the world.

The Ambanis are into almost every area of business.

7. Use ‘the’ with names of countries that have the words ‘state’, ‘kingdom’, or ‘states’.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America.


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