A pleasant surprise awaits students

pleasant surprise

1. Await (verb) Wait for 

2. Facelift (noun) changes made to a building or place to make it look more attractive 

    The town has recently been given a facelift

    The bank is planning to give its 1930s building a complete facelift.

3. Paved (adj.) Covered with large flat stones or concrete

4. Manicured (adj.) very neat and tidy

    The ball rolled across the immaculately manicured lawn. 

    The hotel is surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens.

5. Makeover (noun) The act of changing something in order to make it look different

      It’s time we gave the kitchen a makeover. 

6. Coat (noun) a thin layer of a paint or other substance

      He applied a light coat of varnish. 

      I'll give the walls a quick coat of paint.

7. Classy (adj.) of high quality; expensive and/or fashionable

     We have many classy restaurants in the town.

8. Showcase (verb) to show the best qualities or features of something

    The main aim of the exhibition is to showcase British design. 

9. dilapidated (of furniture and buildings) old and in very bad condition

    The old house was in a somewhat dilapidated condition.

10. rusted = covered in rust (rust= a red-brown substance that is formed on some metals by the action of water and air) 

11. Worn out (of a thing) badly damaged and/or no longer useful

     These shoes are worn out. 

12. Potholed road = a road with large rough holes in the surface 

13. Hardly (adv.) almost not 

14. Incentive (noun) = something that encourages 

15. Ambitious (adj.) needing a lot of effort, money or time to succeed 

     Several interns will be working on three ambitious new projects.

16. Intend (verb) plan 

17. Revamp (verb) to change something in order to improve it and make it seem more modern 

     The walled garden was completely revamped last year.

18. Curriculum (noun) the subjects studied in a school, college, etc. and what each subject includes

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