Class 10 English

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Class 10 English Revision

Do you know that Repetition is the mother of any skill? Take English tests and get better grades in English. ESL DRILL has a huge collection of tests that help students in Andhra Pradesh in revising all their Class 10 English lessons.

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Here’s what the teachers say about ESL DRILL.

Students and teachers benefit a lot.

The Almighty might beckon you to be before us as an E-man. How the hive is surrounded by bees, the viewers toil over your site on their mobiles and make themselves immobile. I feel so prestigious when our students’ performance so prodigious. You are born to serve, no awards are there for you, deserve yet.


S.A. English

Amazed at Mr. Achari’s efforts!

I am amazed at the efforts of Mr. MNB Achari. I learnt a lot with ESL DRILL Quizzes. Sometimes I am dumbfounded by the construction of sentences and the type of questioning. The comprehension passages, summaries have taught me read between lines.My students practise these quizzes every week in our digital class. 

Jhansi Rani

S.A. English

Kudos to Mr. Achari

It’s my honour and pleasure to appreciate you, The benefits of exercises and comprehension of the passages related to the present CCE model paper are widely extolled.

You have earned acclamation for your charitable works with your reputed My students tried to win the quizzes with your instant appreciation and cross checking .

ESL DRILL Testimonial

J.V. Nagalakshmi

S.A. English

Features of ESL DRILL Quizzes

Allows students to revise their English lessons while adding some fun.


More than fifty quizzes

Revise all your class 10 lessons with ease. Question types include Single choice, Multiple choice, Matching, Fill in the boxes, etc. The quizzes cover comprehension, grammar and vocabulary items given in the textbooks.


Instant Result

Unlike in your school, you need not wait for days to get the result. It’s instant and magical. You choose your answers and then tap ‘Submit’. The result is displayed on the screen. Moreover, you can know if your answer is correct or incorrect immediately.


Gaming element

Leader boards display students score with their rankings comparing with other students. Thus it encourages them to try more and stay on top of the list. What else do you expect?


Instant Certificates

Apart from all the above exciting features, ESL DRILL generates User certificates at the end of some quizzes. The certificates include all the details of the test like, the time they spent, the points they scored and the grade they achieved.

      About the Admin

          MNB Achari

MNB Achari, who has been an English Language Teacher for 18 years, is behind this. He always wants to do something unique for the students’ benefit.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the validity of the plans available on ESL DRILL

Each plan is valid until the class 10 academic year ends.

Where are my points stored?

If you are not premium user, your results are not stored in the database. So, you can’t see the score.

Can I get any support?

Yes, if you buy ‘Premium’ Plan, you will get support throughout the year.

How can I get support?

Premium users will be included in a Whatsapp Group. They can discuss the doubts there. Or, they can call and discuss.

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