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What do you think of ESL DRILL’s usefulness? Give your feedback honestly in about 100 words. Also mention your strategy (how you use ESL DRILL to revise your lessons).

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On a scale of 10, how would you rate ESLDRILL’s usefulness?

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1. K. Pranav, NHS0.00
2. K. Srilekha0.00
3. A. Manogna, NHS0.00
4. D. Sateesh, MHS0.00

 NameFeebdackRatingOut of 10
1S. Tulasi PriyaYou always help and support. You have been a great teacher to me and I fully enjoyed your lectures, you explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand.THANK YOU, SIR.10
2S. Krishna SaiEsl drill is such a useful website for serious learners. It provides many quizzes for joyful learning. For people who have fear in learning English from tenth class of ap state can make use of this website for better purpose. Thank you.9
3V. HasiniThese quizzes are very useful to us sir. That I believe that you might become one of the most remarkable persons in our lives. Thank yous sir for giving encouragement.10
4B.V. AbhiramESL drill is very useful to answer to the passage questions. By participating in these quizzes I can easily answer for any typical question. As I am very poor in grammar my strategy, by participating in these quizzes is to strengthen my grammar skills.10
5T. TejasriIt is very useful to me.10
6S. Naga VyshnaviFor revising lessons this ESL DRILL is very useful.When I read whole lesson then I will revise that lesson through this ESL DRILL QUIZ. If I didn’t listen any lesson or any grammar topics then I will watch the video related to that in ESL DRILL CHANNEL.In exams time I will revise the topics through this quizzes.So I think it is a best way to revise lessons for 10th class students. For making this ESL DRILL I am really thankful to Achari sir.10
7P. Ajitha SriIt is very useful, when we hurry up with our exams we can use it as revision tests and I will write main points in my note book when I found have difficult words in quizs. When I got 11 out of 15 I will do that quiz again it will made me remember. So , honestly I will say that Iam satisfied with my marks after I joined in this quiz. Thank you sir.8
8Sai Dinesh A.Doing quizzes in ESL DRILL is the best way to revise our lessons. I feel that we can just do them daily instead of reading lessons which helps us to understand  more and to score better in exams. In few minutes we can revise many topics.10
9N. VishnuIt is very useful to us and remember lessons easily Thank you for creating this website sir10
10K. Sai TejaBy attempting these questions anyone can remember the chapter.10
11M. Bhavya SriEsl drill account is very useful to get good grip in all lessons buy using this app we can gain good marks and good grip in the lesson I think that sir choose good website for children to develop their educations.10
12S. SusmithaESL drill is a very useful website. I have improved a lot compared to 9th class. We can revise all the lessons perfectly. I’m thinking it’s better to remove MCQ’s of relative pronouns and It’s time. I’m impressed with your wonderful questions in the quiz sir. So many interesting questions are there in this quiz.9
13V. JahnvaiESL DRILL is a great site for quizzes which improve our competition in between students to get more marks…. And we feel very thank full to Achari sir to move forward our goals by giving to us motivational quotes and videos for us thank you for your support sir.10
14Sk. RishikaESL drill is very useful to me . It’s very easy to understand and practice. Practicing more times ESL drill helps me to understand more better. I use ESL drill to recall the topic in the lessons again and again . Thank you so much sir for creating such a drill.10
15T. KalyaniESL drill is a great platform which l ever seen l did quizzes in it is very interesting questions and very useful to recollect lessons quickly before exams…..l thank Achari sir for this great website.9
16P. VinaySir, it is useful to us.10
17D. SachindraIt is the website where we can practice all about 10th class English subject. It helps us to improve in English and increases competitive levels.10
18Y. SaisriIt’s very useful to me.I have improved very much.By doing more quizzes we can’t forget the content of the lesson, sir.10
19N. GaneshThank you sir for creating this website for us. It would be more helpful to revise what we have learnt in classes. It would be useful for examinations to answer any type of tough questions sir. By doing this quizzes we are able to answer any type of questions. Once again Thank you sir.10
20P. Prabhu CharanThank you sir for creating this website for us. It would be more helpful to revise what we have learnt in classes. It would be useful for examinations to answer any type of tough questions sir. By doing this quizzes we are able to answer any type of questions. Once again Thank you sir.10
21Bala SubrahmanyamIt’s very good that we can revise our lessons before exam by using this esldrill, my strategy is to learn and complete by practicing the quzizes.8
22N. TejawanthESL drill is very useful to revise lessons for exams and I got 16 in the exam out of 16,10 marks is because of ESL drill quizzes. I’m very thankful to our English sir M.N.B. Achari sir. I’m very glad to have such a teacher who taught me how to learn or speak English.10
23M. HamsiniHi sirI am really happy to say these quizzes are more useful . And thank you very much sir . I think these quizzes are useful for everyone. And good information we get from quizzes .Trying again and again we get succeed from the quizzes and we can correct our mistakes sirReally, great idea to make this these quizzes and make us to learn .Thank you sir10
24M. EshaI have never seen a teacher doing work like you, sir. You are always unique and try to make us better. We are having a great opportunity to even listen to your classes at home. Thank you, sir. Keep going,10
25S. Pavithra SaiI am very glad to have quizzes. Thank you, sir for your hard work done for us to improve our standard. Once again thank you, sir.10
26Likhitha A.Hi sir,This is Likitha ,these quizzes are amazing. I tried them and they helped me in exams too. Thanks for the quizzes sir. I try my level best and improve my standards. Thank you, sir.10

7 thoughts on “feedback on ESL DRILL from students”

  1. This website is very useful Sir, We can Revise lessons which are in different questioning ways, It will boost our studies about lessons. We can answer the questions in different ways, Thank You very much Sir.

  2. ESL drill is very useful for revising lessons.I am very glad to have a teacher like you sir.(MNB Achari).You taught us how to learn and how to speak in english.I know that I am not regularly following the quizzes but from today I decided to follow all what you said sir.
    Thank you very much sir for motivating me.

  3. Really now-a-days no one is using the technology in a proper way. Bringing a website to improve English language among students is such a wonderful idea. Thank you a lot sir for bringing up this ESL drill. This website is very useful to learn and improve our English language skills. It is very helpful to us. Best improvement seekers choose best websites just like ESL drill. We all were very glad and blessed to have a teacher like u sir {MNB Achari}.
    Thank you Achari sir.

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