Kinds of sentences – explanation and quiz

According to expression, sentences are of four types. They are:

Declarative sentences/Assertive sentences: These sentences make statements. They can be affirmative (positive) or negative. They end with full-stops (Periods in American English)

They sell all kinds of vegetables.

We are not interested in playing games.

Interrogative sentences: They ask questions. They end with question marks. (?)

What are you doing in the garden?

Where is John now?

Imperative sentences; These sentences give commands, instructions, etc. They usually end with full-stops. Sometimes, they end with an exclamation marks when they are strong.

Come and sit here.

Shut your mouth!

Exclamatory sentences: These sentences express sudden feelings and emotions. They end with exclamation marks.

What a lovely garden this is!

I love this shirt!

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