Making polite requests-explanation and quiz

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Making Polite Requests in English

Introduction to Polite Requests

Polite requests are expressions used to ask for something in a respectful and considerate manner. They are essential for effective communication and maintaining positive relationships.

There are two occasions when we need to be polite:

    1. When we want to do something and seek permission, for example:

May I come in, sir?

    1. When we want others to do something for us, for example:

Could you please help me with this project?

Most Polite Expressions

  • Could you…?: Used to ask someone to do something politely.
  • Would you mind…?: Used to ask someone to do something, indicating you hope it’s not inconvenient for them.
  • Would it be possible for you to…?: Used to request something in a formal and polite way.
  • If you don’t mind, could you…?: Combines politeness with seeking permission.
  • May I ask you to…?: A formal way to make a request.

Examples of Polite Requests

1. Could you please pass me the salt?

2. Would you mind closing the window?

3. Would it be possible for you to send me the report by tomorrow?

4. If you don’t mind, could you turn down the volume a bit?

5. May I ask you to consider my proposal?

Less Polite Expressions

  • Can you…?: Direct but less formal.
  • Do this…: Commanding and less considerate.
  • Give me…: Direct and can be perceived as demanding.

Examples of Less Polite Requests

1. Can you pass me the salt?

2. Do this assignment by tomorrow.

3. Give me your phone number.

Tips for Making Polite Requests

  • Always use “please” to add politeness to your request.
  • Consider the relationship and context when choosing the level of formality.
  • Express gratitude when someone fulfills your request.
  • Avoid demanding language and be considerate of the other person’s feelings.

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