One word substitutes from Unit-1

Use the following words:

spendthrift, autobiography, unintelligible, fatalist, indelible, monogamy, atheist, teetotaler, illegible, incorrigible, intellectual, snob, linguist, inimitable, grammarian, theist, misogynist, mercenary, bilingual, polyglot, ambiguous, versatile, omnipresent, omniscient, polygamy, prodigy, biography, epitome, epistle, epitaph, centenarian, epilogue, honorary

Choose the one word substitutes for the following explanations.

Name of the test :  One-word substitutes
Test Type :  Multiple Choice; Matching
No. of Questions :  15
Total Marks :  150

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1. M. Sahithi, RBHS280.00
2. Ashkenaz250.00
3. S. Harika, NHS250.00
4. A. Mohana Durga, NHS240.00
5. Ch. Rushitha, NHS230.00
6. Sk. Aman, NHS220.00
7. B. Hasini, NHS220.00
8. K. Bhargava, NHS180.00
9. V. Subhashini, NHS160.00
10. A. Manogna, NHS150.00
11. Luqman, NHS150.00
12. B. Niharika, NHS150.00
13. S. Hasini, NHS140.00
14. Sk. Ayesha, NHS140.00
15. P. Vyshnavi, NHS140.00
16. Ch. Abhiram140.00
17. D. Sateesh, MHS140.00
18. P. Deekshitha, NHS130.00
19. Ch. Dhathri, NHS130.00
20. N. Deekshitha, NHS120.00
21. M. Nandu, NHS120.00
22. M. Chaithra, NHS116.00
23. K. Pranav, NHS110.00
24. Y. Lasya Priya, NHS110.00
25. G. Neha Sree, NHS110.00
26. B. Varshitha100.00


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