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The most comprehensive tests for Class 10 students in Andhra Pradesh

From average learners to quick and advanced learners, ESL DRILL has curated some wonderful content. The tests provide instant results with an option to see the answer of any question immediately. Those who buy Standard Premium plan can revise all the lessons including additional tests listed under ‘Functional English’. It’s like you have an experienced teacher working for you, always backing you up with much needed material. 

Revised PRO Plan and pricing  for 2023-24

PREMIUM- ₹ 1499/year

  • Limited spots available. So, register your spot quickly.
  • You spend less than 5 rupees everyday.
  • All the regular quizzes from 6 units are available.
  • Other tests under ‘Functional English’ can be used.
  • Test results are stored for 3 days before they are reset.
  • Leader boards and grades are available.
  • 1 Revision Test before the final exam.

Why do I charge for the quizzes?

I spent three years in creating these tests. In addition to that, I need to pay for website hosting charges and I need to pay for the renewal of the quiz software every year. The money that you pay (Rs. 1499) can reduce the burden on me. Just think of what better things you can purchase. If you are interested, contact me using my number.