Question tags-exercise

Question tags

Before you attempt the exercise, here’s a list of all short negative forms (contractions) used in question tags :

isn’t, aren’t, wasn’t, weren’t, don’t, doesn’t, didn’t, haven’t, hasn’t, hadn’t, won’t, wouldn’t, shan’t, shouldn’t, can’t, couldn’t, mayn’t, mightn’t, mustn’t, needn’t

Choose the correct question tag.

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Question Tags – How to form them?

Question tags are short questions that we add to statements to confirm something we already know or to ask a real question.

Fundamental rules to use question tag:

  • A positive statement takes a negative question tag.
  • A negative statement takes a positive question tag.
  • The question tag is followed by a question mark (?) and the statement is separated from the tag by a comma (,).
  • Positive statements with positive tags and negative statements with negative tags are also possible but they are not the commonly used ones.

Look at the following examples:

Albert is a very good cook, isn’t he? (Positive statement + Negative tag)

Einstein did not invent the bulb, did he? (Negative statement + Positive tag)

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