Students and teachers benefit a lot !

Dear Mr. Achari,
I go through your website at a glance and can’t stop continuing your views and ways of approach. Many people may log on but our pupils go on till they fulfil their full-will to fill the quiz you designed. Even mild-minds become sound-minds as they weigh their way of study towards English language and score good marks. I wonder that every lint and cent you earn, spent on programming the content to make the students yearn. Your videos on various topics, write ups and other material that you penned and opined became the part of the heart of our tender minds ( our students ).

I feel so prestigious when our students’ performance so prodigious. You are born to serve, no awards are there for you, deserve yet. The Almighty might beckon you to be before us as an E-man. How the hive is surrounded by bees, the viewers toil over your site on their mobiles and make themselves immobile. Students benefit a lot and teachers as well. We, some among those, are obliged to garnish our teaching technique methods by you sir.

Wishing God’s Blessing, May all your Endeavors Endear All.

Yours forever,


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