The sound of music-Part1

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Summary of the lesson ‘The sound of music-Part1

Evelyn Glennie is a remarkable musician who faced significant challenges on her journey to success. At just seventeen years old, she embarked on her first day at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London. However, what made her situation even more daunting was the fact that she was profoundly deaf.

Evelyn’s hearing loss had been gradual, and it became noticeable when she was eight years old and didn’t respond to her name being called while waiting to play the piano. By the time she was eleven, her hearing had severely deteriorated, affecting her academic performance. Doctors advised her to use hearing aids and attend a school for the deaf, but Evelyn was determined not to let her deafness define her life.

She discovered her love for music when she saw a girl playing the xylophone and decided to pursue it as well. Despite discouragement from most teachers, a percussionist named Ron Forbes recognized her potential and helped her develop a unique way of sensing sound and vibrations without relying on her ears.

Evelyn’s passion for music grew, and she became a part of a youth orchestra, touring the UK. At sixteen, she decided to dedicate her life to music and auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music, achieving one of the highest marks in its history. She excelled in her studies and received numerous awards.

Despite her extraordinary achievements, Evelyn remains humble, believing that hard work and determination are the keys to success. Her talent as a multipercussionist is highly sought after worldwide, and she has mastered over a thousand instruments.

Her ability to function effortlessly without hearing is intriguing. During conversations, she lip-reads, paying attention to facial expressions, especially the eyes. She speaks flawlessly with a Scottish lilt, a skill she acquired before losing her hearing.

Evelyn describes how music resonates with her whole body, creating tingling sensations in her skin, cheekbones, and even hair. When playing the xylophone or leaning against drums, she can feel the sound vibrations passing through her body, even through her bare feet on a wooden platform.

Her performances have captivated audiences, and she received the prestigious Soloist of the Year Award from the Royal Philharmonic Society in 1991. Renowned percussionist James Blades praised her ability to feel and express music deeply, transcending the limitations of hearing.

Evelyn admits to being a workaholic, dedicating herself to music and performing tirelessly. In addition to regular concerts, she also gives free performances in prisons and hospitals, and she prioritizes teaching young musicians. Her impact extends beyond the music world, serving as a shining inspiration for deaf children who see that there are no limits to their potential.

Evelyn Glennie’s accomplishments have been outstanding, and she has elevated percussion to the forefront of the orchestra, demonstrating its emotional power. She has inspired countless people, proving that disabilities should never hinder one’s dreams and ambitions. Through her music, Evelyn has brought immense joy and pleasure to millions around the world.

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