There are several ways of making a suggestion. We can use “Let’s…”, “Why don’t…?”. “Shall we…?”, “How about..?” Similarly, we can use a strange -looking structure to make a suggestion saying that it is already late for something to happen.

Choose the sentence in which 'it's time' is correctly used.


The usual structure for using it’s time is…

It’s time     +     Subject     +      Past form of the verb

(Even though the verb form is in the past, we are still talking about the present or future.)

Using it’s time :

Let’s take a look at a few examples to understand this structure.

It’s time we started for the station.

It’s time John spoke to his manager to settle the problem.

It’s time we went to college.

It’s time the children woke up.

* We can also use It’s high time, It’s quite time, It’s about time depending on the need.

It’s high time Alice quit the job to find her passion.

It’s quite time you visited us. 

It’s time with to + infinitive  is also possible when it is the right time for something to happen or for someone to do something but it is not late, as,

It’s time to water the plants.

It’s time to go to the market.

Take an exercise on using it’s time:

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