Amanda Poem Summary and Quiz

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Summary of the poem:
The poem starts with a series of commands given to Amanda. She is told not to bite her nails, slouch, or hunch her shoulders. Amanda’s response is to escape into her imagination, where she becomes a mermaid enjoying herself in an emerald sea.

The second stanza continues with more instructions: finish your homework, tidy your room, clean your shoes. Amanda escapes again, this time as an orphan wandering the streets, delighting in the silence and freedom.

In the third stanza, Amanda is scolded for eating chocolate and not paying attention. She imagines herself as Rapunzel, isolated in a tower but happy with her peaceful life.

The final stanza reveals the speaker’s irritation with Amanda’s sulking and moodiness, accusing her of being difficult and complaining.

The poem ends suddenly, leaving the reader to think about the ongoing conflict between Amanda’s desire for independence and the constant pressure to follow societal rules.

“Amanda” is a touching reflection on the challenges of childhood and the common desire for freedom and self-expression. It reminds us of the importance of nurturing imagination and allowing space for individuality to grow.

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