Black aeroplane-lesson summary and quiz

Once, a pilot was flying his old Dakota aeroplane from France to England. It was nighttime, and he was alone in the sky, with the moon rising behind him and stars shining above. He felt happy as he looked down at the sleeping countryside below.

While flying, he radioed Paris Control to let them know he was on his way to England. They told him to turn twelve degrees west, which he did. He thought about enjoying a big English breakfast once he arrived safely.

However, as he flew on, he saw huge storm clouds ahead. They looked like black mountains blocking his path. He knew he couldn’t fly over them and didn’t have enough fuel to go around. Despite the risk, he decided to fly straight into the storm.

Inside the dark clouds, everything turned black, and his compass and other instruments stopped working. He tried to call Paris Control on the radio, but there was no response. Lost and unable to see where he was, he suddenly spotted another aeroplane flying nearby, even though it had no lights.

The pilot of the strange aeroplane signalled him to follow, so he did. They flew together through the storm, and after some time, the mysterious pilot led him out of the clouds to safety. He saw the lights of an airport runway ahead and landed safely.

After landing, he wanted to thank the other pilot for helping him, but when he asked the control centre about the mysterious plane, they said no other planes were flying that night besides his. He was puzzled and wondered who the pilot of the black aeroplane was.

Ultimately, he was grateful for the unknown pilot’s assistance, which helped him arrive safely despite the challenges he faced during his journey.

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