His first flight summary and quiz class 10 Unit 3

Summary of the lesson:

A young seagull was too scared to fly. He saw his siblings fly away, but he couldn’t bring himself to jump off the ledge. His parents tried to encourage him, and then threatened to leave him starving, but nothing worked.

For a whole day, the young seagull watched his family learn to fly and catch fish. He grew terribly hungry, especially when his older brother proudly showed off his first catch. The sun beat down on the young seagull, and he felt weak and alone.

Pretending to be asleep didn’t fool his parents. They ignored him, except for his mother. She stood nearby, tearing at a piece of fish. The sight of the food was torture for the young seagull. He cried out, begging for some.

His mother finally flew towards him with the food. But just as he was about to get it, she stopped, holding it out of reach. Driven mad by hunger, he launched himself towards the fish.

Suddenly, he was falling! Terror gripped him. Then a miraculous thing happened – his wings spread wide. The wind pushed against him, and instead of plummeting to his death, he began to soar!

Fear turned into joy. He flapped his wings and rose higher. His mother swooped by, encouraging him. His father and siblings joined in, circling and diving around him. The young seagull, forgetting his earlier terror, followed their lead.

He flew out over the wide ocean, feeling the wind on his feathers. Everything looked different and exciting from the air. Soon, his family landed on the green surface of the sea and called him to join them. He tried to land but splashed into the water! Exhausted and scared again, he started to sink.

But then he realized the water was holding him afloat. His family gathered around, cheering and giving him bits of fish. The young seagull had taken his first flight!

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