The brave potter comprehension

Brave potter comprehension passages

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Passage 1

Before he could nod off, however, he heard something heavy being dragged inside the hut. This was followed by the voice of a woman.

1. Who is ‘he’ here?

‘He’ is the tiger.

2. What does the phrasal verb ‘nod off’ mean?

The phrasal verb ‘nod off’ means ‘to begin sleeping’.

3. Where was ‘he’?

‘He’ was inside of a woman’s hut.

Passage 2

‘Oh, how terrible this leak is!’ she complained. ‘How terrible! I would rather meet the tiger in the forest than have this leak in my house!’

1. Who is ‘she’ here?

‘She’ is a woman.

2. What is the ‘leak’ according to the woman?

According to the woman, the ‘leak’ is ‘a hole’ in the roof through which water was leaking.

3. Why did she prefer meeting a tiger in the forest to having the leak in her house?

…because it was annoying as the water leaked through the roof whenever there was rain.

Passage 3

‘A leak?’ the tiger thought. ‘What is a leak? It must be very dangerous and strong or the woman would not be more frightened of the leak than of me. Am I not rightly called the king of the forest? Aren’t they all afraid of me? I wonder what a leak looks like…?

1. What did the tiger think about the leak?

He thought that ‘the leak’ might be a more dangerous and stronger animal.

2. What did the tiger wonder?

He wondered what the leak was.

3. Why did the tiger believe that ‘the leak’ was stronger and more dangerous than himself?

…becasue the tiger heard the woman say that she preferred meeting the tiger to having that leak in her house.

Passage 4

‘You horrible beast!’ a voice screamed angrily. ‘How dare you run away? How dare you make me walk  about in the middle of the night trying to find you! Be careful, or one of these days I’ll kill you! Now, go home!’.

1. Whose voice screamed?

The potter’s voice screamed.

2. What is the beast as thought by the speaker?

The beast is the donkey.

3. What was the creature that he was actually screaming at?

Actually, he was screaming at the tiger.

Passage 5

‘When I catch him, I’ll tie him up under the tree all night,’ he muttered to himself.

1. Who is the speaker?

The potter is the speaker.

2. Who is the speaker talking about?

The speaker is talking about his donkey.

3. Why is he angry?

He was angry because his donkey let loose and went into the forest. He had to go in search of him.

4. What does ‘mutter’ mean?

‘mutter’ means to speak in a quiet voice, especially when annoyed.

Passage 6

The king immediately sent a messenger to the potter’s house.

1. Why did the king send a messenger to the potter’s house?

to inform him that he had been made the General of the army.

2. Why did the king need a new General?

to fight the enemy who attacked their country.

3. Why did the king choose only the potter as the General of the army?

because he was told that the potter was very brave and he led a tiger home.

4. Who told the king about the potter?

One of the ministers told the king about the potter.

Passage 7

‘Oh, how tall he is!’ sighed the potter. ‘I shall never be able to climb onto his back.’

1. What/Who does ‘he’ refer to here?

‘He’ refers to the horse.

2. What does ‘sigh’mean?

‘Sigh’ means  ‘to breathe in and out making a long sound’.

3. Why did the potter sigh?

He sighed because he did not know how to ride a horse.

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