The dear departed 2 comprehension

The dear departed-2-Comprehension passages

Passage 1

“What’s the matter with little Vicky?”

1. Who asked this question?

Abel Merryweather asked this question.

2. Who is Vicky?

Vicky is Abel’s granddaughter.

3. Why did he say, “What’s the matter with little Vicky?”

He said so because he saw Vicky run from his room upstairs.

Passage 2

Of course, it’s me. Don’t do that, Amelia. What the devil do you mean by this tomfoolery?

1. Who spoke these words?

Abel Merryweather spoke these words.

2. Who was he addressing?

He was addressing his daughter, Amelia.

3. What mood of the speaker do these words indicate?

The words indicate that he was angry.

4. The speaker said, “Don’t do that, Amelia.” Why did he say so?

He said so because Amelia had poked him with her hand.

5. What does the word ‘tomfoolery mean?

‘Tomfoolery’ means ‘silly/foolish behaviour’.

Passage 3

You took us by surprise, father. Are you keeping quite well?

1.  Who is addressed as father?

Abel Merryweather is addressed as father.

2. Who is the speaker?

Elizabeth/Mrs. Jordan  is the speaker.

3. Why was the speaker surprised?

The speaker was surprised because her father who they thought was dead, came alive.

4. What does the expression ‘take somebody by surprise’ mean?

It means ‘to shock or surprise somebody by doing something they do not expect.

Passage 4

Aren’t they by the hearth, father?

1. Who said these words?

‘Amelia’/’Mrs. Slater’ said these words.

2. What does ‘they’ refer to here?

‘They’ refers to ‘Abel’s slippers’.

3. What does ‘hearth’ mean?

‘Hearth’ means ‘the floor at the bottom of a fireplace in the wall of a room’.

4. Who is referred to as ‘father’ here?

Abel Merryweather.

Passage 5

‘Damn it’, I never had one.’

1. Who said this? 

Ben Jordan said this.

2. What does ‘one’ refer to here?

‘One’ refers to (Ben’s) ‘brother’.

3. Why did the speaker say this?

…because Amelia told Abel that Ben’s brother died but he had no brother.

4. What does ‘damn it’ mean?

‘Damn it’ is ‘a swear expression that people use to show that they are annoyed or disappointed’.

Passage 6

Abel : Isaac? And where did your brother Isaac die?

Ben  : In-er-in-Australia.

1. What does ‘er’ show?

‘Er’ shows ‘hesitation’.

2. Why was Ben hesitant?

He was hesitant because he did not have a brother.

Passage 7

Abel              : And what relation of Ben’s?

Mrs. Slater  : His brother.

Ben               : (to Mrs. Slater) Damn it! i never had one.

Abel              : Dear, dear. And what was his name, Ben?

Ben               : (At a loss) Er-er. (He crosses to front of table.)

1. Why do you think Ben fumbled while telling the name of his dead brother?

…because he had no brother. He had to choose a name. So he fumbled.

2. How are Ben and Abel related to each other?

Abel Merryweather is the father-in-law of Ben Jordan.   (Or)

Ben Jordan is the son-in-law of Abel Merryweather.

3. What is the meaning of the idiom ‘at a loss’?

The idiom ‘at a loss’ means ‘not knowing what to say or do’.

4. Ben said, ‘Er-er’. What does it show?

It shows hesitation.

Passage 8

Mrs. Slater    : Be quiet, Elizabeth.

Mrs. Jordan : I’ not be quiet. Oh, I call it double-faced.

Henry             : Now, now, Elizabeth.

Mrs. jordan  : And you too, Are you such a poor creature that you must do every dirty thing she tells you?

1. Why did Elizabeth speak harshly to Henry?

…because he obeyed his wife.

2. What does ‘double-faced’ mean?

‘Double-faced’ means ‘dishonest’ or ‘hypocritical’.

3. Who is ‘double-faced’ according to Elizabeth?

According to Elizabeth, Amelia is double-faced.

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    • Well, I don’t know if you are a teacher or a student. I would have appreciated it, if you had mentioned it. Let me explain. When Amelia saw Abel coming down the steps, she was surprised and she wanted to know if he (Abel) was solid. That way she could decide if he was alive. She poked him with her hand. Abel thought it was a silly act (tomfoolery=silly or foolish behaviour). What the devil…is used with any question to show that your are annoyed. Here Abel was annoyed when Amelia did that.
      I hope this helps.
      Thank you for asking this question.

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