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The journey and quiz summary :

Check your comprehension. Answer all the questions. If you do not answer any question, you will lose 5 points. There is no negative marking for 'wrong answers'.



Note: Before taking this quiz, go through the explanation part of the lesson. ‘The Journey’. Follow the link below:

The journey-Comprehension-Explanation

Try ‘the journey’ quiz after reading comprehension explanation. The sentences below can help you recall the main points:

For the convenience of summing up, let me use the Present Tense.

‘ The journey ‘ summary

 The journey summary – Segment 1

The author is a government officer. He belongs to a tribal family.

He comes home to get married. After a six-month holiday, he thinks of going back to his place of work.

But he feels lethargic as he has spent a long time at home. He does not want to go. He even wants to have unpaid leave.

As the marriage responsibilities increase, he gets into debt. So, he finally decides to go.

The journey summary – Segment 2

A porter carries his luggage when the author comes home. But when he is ready to go back, he cannot find anyone who can help him. All the villagers are busy in their fields.

It is not an issue for a young man like him to carry the luggage but his education and white-collar job does not allow him to do so. His father decides to carry the luggage.

On the day of his departure, some villagers come to him to wish him luck. His father leaves for Dirang and he starts late.

The author is easily tired after walking just three kilometres. This makes his father laugh at him. Father says he is thirsty and drinks a mug of home-made wine in one attempt.

The journey summary – Segment 3

The author wants to tell his father that he wishes to carry the luggage but he cannot. They do not say anything as they walk to the place, Dirang.

The author says that his guilt, shame, the white-collar job and his pride does not allow him to carry the luggage.

The author feels that he will be belittled if he carries his own luggage.

He justifies his decision not to carry the luggage with several reasons and says that his father will be hurt if he carries it. He also thinks that his father is used to carrying luggage.

They reach Dirang, where the author has to board a bus from Tawang,

Then the father asks his son for a pair of shoes. He says that the road is full of pebbles and it hurts while walking.

The journey summary – Segment 4

The author notices his fathers’ uncovered feet and realizes that they have developed cracks. The son has never noticed that the road is uneven since he is wearing hunting boots.

He decides to buy his father a pair or canvas shoes but his father protests. He says he wants his old boots.

The author unwillingly gives his boots to the father and he puts on the leather shoes he has in his trunk.

Father feels very happy and the bus moves. Both of them go in different directions. It is not just physical directions. It also describes two different kinds of lives they are leading. The son is leading a life of luxury and comfort whereas the father is leading a life of hard work.


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