Noun modifiers Explanation and Quiz

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Noun Modifiers

Noun Modifiers

Noun modifiers are words or groups of words that provide more information about a noun in a sentence. They can be adjectives, adjectival phrases, or even other nouns. Understanding how to use noun modifiers can greatly enhance the detail and clarity of your writing.

1. Using Adjectives or Adjectival Phrases to Modify Nouns

To describe or give more information about a noun (or to modify a noun), we use adjectives or adjectival phrases.


  • The blue car is fast. (Adjective: “blue” modifies “car”)
  • She wore a beautifully embroidered dress. (Adjectival Phrase: “beautifully embroidered” modifies “dress”)

2. Using Nouns as Modifiers

Nouns can also be used as modifiers. When one noun modifies another, it is typically referred to as an attributive noun.


  • Chicken soup is my favorite. (“Chicken” modifies “soup”)
  • The car keys are on the table. (“Car” modifies “keys”)

3. Using More Than One Noun as Modifiers

We can use more than one noun as a modifier. Proper nouns can also be used as modifiers to provide specific information.


  • I need a computer science book. (Two nouns: “computer” and “science” modify “book”)
  • Let’s visit the Statue of Liberty museum. (Proper Noun: “Statue of Liberty” modifies “museum”)

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