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Choose the correct Passive form of the sentence.

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 0%1. They will open the new sports centre soon.A.The new sports centre would be opened by them soon.B.The new sports centre is opened by them soon.C.The new sports centre will be opened by them soon.D.The new sports centre are opened by them soon. Loading... Loading…2. We expect good news.A.Good news is expected (by us).B.Good news is being expected (by us).C.Good news was expected (by us).D.Good news should be expected (by us). Loading... Loading…3. Seethal is preparing a plan for the next project.A.A plan for the next project was prepared by Seethal.B.A plan for the next project was being prepared by Seethal.C.A plan for the next project is being prepared by Seethal.D.A plan for the next project is prepared by Seethal. Loading... Loading…4. Girls love cats.A.Cats will be loved by girls.B.Cats are loved by girls.C.Cats have been loved by girls.D.Cats were loved by girls. Loading... Loading…5. Mahija makes a noise.A.A noise is made by Mahija.B.A noise was made by Mahija.C.A noise has been made by Mahija.D.A noise is being made by Mahija. Loading... Loading…6. Is she washing the car?A.Is the car being washed by her?B.was the car being washed by her?C.Was the car washed by her?D.Is the car washed by her? Loading... Loading…7. The kids are flying kites.A.The kites have been flown by kids.B.Kites are being flown by kids.C.Kites are being flyed by kids.D.Kites are flown by kids. Loading... Loading…8. What do you want?A.What is wanted by you?B.What did you want?C.What is it that you wanted?D.What was wanted by you? Loading... Loading…9. He has read many books.A.Many books has been read by him.B.Many books are read by him.C.Many books will have been read by him.D.Many books have been read by him. Loading... Loading…10. He did not win the game.A.The game was not won by him.B.The game was not being won by him.C.The game has not been won by him.D.The game is not won by him. Loading... Loading…Loading... Loading…


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