Talking about PAST REGRETS using ‘SHOULD HAVE’

Should have + Verb 3 is used to express a regret.

Sometimes we feel bad about something we did not do.

For example…

         I should have invited my friends.

The meaning is…

         I did not invite my friends. I regret it. I feel bad about it.

Sometimes, we feel bad about something we did.

For example…

         I should not have asked him for help.

The meaning is…

         I asked him for help. I regret it. I feel bad about it.

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences using ‘should have + Past Participle’.

1.     She failed Hindi test. She did not try hard.

She________________________________(try) hard.

2.     We went late to the theatre. We could not get tickets.

We________________________________(go) there a bit earlier.

3.     I walked slowly. Hence, I missed the train.

I___________________________________(walk) briskly.

4.     She did not get permission from the manager. She left the office early.

She_____________________________________(not) leave the office early without permission.

5.     He drank so much of wine. He is almost unconscious now.

He______________________________________(not drink) so much of wine.

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