Words often confused-homophones

Choose the appropriate word.


Words often confused are also called ‘homophones’. They are pronounced almost alike but they have different spelling.

For example: ‘caught‘ and ‘cot

Let’s look at some homophones used in sentences.

ad, add

The company came up with a new ad to increase sales.

You need to add your other expenses to this.

hear, here

He could hear a dog barking.

She may come here today.

buy, by

She went out to buy some dresses.

She was standing by the door.

reign, rain, rein

The house was built during the reign of Henry VIII.

There was heavy rain last night.

Parents need to loosen the reins as the child grows.

Try an exercise to understand words often confused (homophones) :

Choose the right word: (You can find the answers at the end of the quiz.)

  1. Many students did not know the __________ word. (write/right)
  2. The teacher did not ___________ anything on the board. (write/right)
  3. I thought that the ____________ would be fine. (whether/weather)
  4. She could not guess ____________ he would accept her report. (whether/weather)
  5. He goes to his parents every __________ . (weak/week)
  6. He is physically ________ but strong mentally. (weak/week)
  7. The king wrote a letter begging for __________ . (peace/piece)
  8. She took a __________ of paper to rub the dust off her clothes. (peace/piece)
  9. The boy wants to ____________ all his friends from school. (meat/meet)
  10. The boy went out to buy some ___________ . (meat/meet)
  11. _________ granddaughter received an award and it made them happy. (Their/There)
  12. You cannot find anyone to help you ___________ . (their/there)
  13. The ___________ that guides him is ‘Hurt no one.’ (principle/principal)
  14. The _____________ held a meeting in his chamber. (principle/principal)
  15. The wind ___________ hard and the vases fell. (blue/blew)
  16. All the vases broke but the __________ one remained intact. (blue/blew)
  17. The old man decided to ___________ his will. (altar/alter)
  18. Martin King Jr. said, “One day mankind will bow before the _________ of God. (altar/alter)
  19. One of my uncles sells ____________ . (stationery/stationary)
  20. The lorry collided with a ____________ car. (stationery/stationary)


  1. right
  2. write
  3. weather
  4. whether
  5. week
  6. weak
  7. peace
  8. piece
  9. meet
  10. meat
  11. Their
  12. There
  13. principle
  14. principal
  15. blew
  16. blue
  17. alter
  18. altar
  19. stationery
  20. stationary

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