Mega vocabulary quiz from Unit 1

The following words have been used in the quiz:

misogynist, honorary, ambiguous, polygamy, monogamy, imaginative, observant, enthusiastic, haughty, outgoing, snob, epitome, prodigy, epilogue, versatile, theist, omniscient, atheist, mercenary, inimitable, unintelligible, incorrigible, illegible, indelible, intellectual, convictions, adversity, mobility, torso, perseverance, duck (verb), cinch, D-day, Anna, philanthropist, spendthrift, fatalist, teetotaler, centenarian, omnipresent, detour, fraudulent, beat-up, infest, conceive, cautious, bossy, sullen, exuberant, sneaky

Take the test now:

Check your understanding. Answer all the questions.



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