A letter to God – Summary and Quiz

Summary of the lesson ‘A letter to God’:

The story “The Letter to God” by G.L. Fuentes revolves around a farmer named Lencho who experiences a devastating hailstorm that destroys his entire cornfield, leaving his family facing hunger. Lencho, deeply reliant on his faith, decides to write a letter to God asking for help. He requests a hundred pesos to sow his field again and feed his family until the next crop. Filled with hope and belief in divine intervention, Lencho addresses the letter to “God” and drops it in the town’s mailbox.

Upon receiving the letter at the post office, the postmaster and his employees are amused by Lencho’s faith and decision to write to God. To maintain Lencho’s belief in divine assistance, the postmaster decides to reply to the letter. However, gathering a hundred pesos proves difficult, so they contribute what they can and manage to collect a little more than half of the requested amount. They send the money to Lencho in an envelope addressed from “God.”

When Lencho receives the envelope, he is initially confident that God has answered his prayers. However, upon counting the money and realizing it’s less than what he asked for, he becomes upset. Believing that God wouldn’t make a mistake, Lencho decides to write another letter. In it, he requests the remaining amount, expressing distrust in the post office employees, whom he labels as “crooks.”

Lencho’s actions highlight his unwavering faith in God and his frustration with the perceived failure of divine intervention. The story touches on themes of faith, desperation, and the complexities of human belief in the face of adversity. It also sheds light on the kindness of strangers, as the postmaster and his employees attempt to help Lencho despite their limitations.

Overall, “The Letter to God” is a moving story that explores the complicated elements of faith and human nature, reminding readers of the power of hope and the importance of compassion in times of need.

Check your comprehension. Answer all the questions.

Your name and School:


1. B.Manogna, MHS590.00
2. K.Sumanth Eswar Reddy,MHS560.00
3. G.Jayanth Sarma,MHS500.00
4. K . Hasini,MHS450.00
5. N. Venkata Srujithaa. Montessori High School430.00
6. Ch varshith420.00
7. Akshith , mhs420.00
8. B .Sri varnika400.00
10. M.Geethika MHS300.00
11. K . Sahithi, Montessori high school280.00
12. M.h.s260.00
13. K.charishma NHS210.00
14. S.Hemanth Balaji,MHS200.00
15. Bharadwaj Montessori150.00
16. K.Vijaya Nandini,MHS150.00
17. P.S.S. Augustine M.H.S150.00
18. Md . Salma , MHS150.00
19. D NivedithaMHS140.00
20. Sanvi140.00
21. V.Manvith siva sai Montessori high school140.00
22. K.pavani MHS140.00
23. bhanu,MHS140.00
24. Akshith, mhs140.00
25. Ch.sirivalli MONTESSORI HIGH SCHOOL140.00
26. P. Sai Bharadwaj Montessori140.00
27. K.Gopi nadh reddy matessori140.00
28. aratfgar140.00
29. Sk. Ameena, MHS130.00
30. A.Pavan Sai , MHS130.00
31. S. Jahnavi, MHS130.00
32. Sanvi MHS130.00
33. Ramya130.00
34. Suchethan.MHS130.00
35. S.sai Lakshmi srinivas,MHS130.00
36. p. Navya, Montessori public school130.00
37. earga130.00
38. Mohana priya MHS120.00
39. O.Eekshith, Montessori120.00
40. Amulya120.00
41. B.Harini kamalasri, Montessori high school110.00
42. Sai Krishna110.00
43. K. Gopi nadh Reddy Montessori110.00
44. G.Raghavi,MHS110.00
45. Vyshnavi Srinivas. Ch100.00
46. Ramyae100.00
47. asfqergqerg100.00
48. Samina MHS90.00
49. G.vedavyas MHS80.00

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