Dust of snow (Poem) Summary and quiz

Dust of snow – Poem – Summary

This short poem by Robert Frost tells a story about a simple event that changes the speaker’s mood. The speaker is having a bad day, a day he “rued” which means he regretted or felt unhappy about.

While sitting under a hemlock tree (a type of evergreen tree), a crow shakes its feathers or moves in a way that causes some snow to fall on the speaker. This might seem like a tiny thing, just a bit of “dust of snow,” but it has a surprising effect.

The speaker feels a change inside his heart. His mood improves, and he feels a bit better about the day. Even though the day wasn’t going well before, this small event “saved some part” of it. The poem shows how something unexpected, even something as simple as snow falling, can bring a positive change.

Key points in the poem:

    1. The speaker is having a bad day.

    1. A crow shakes snow on the speaker.

    1. This small thing makes the speaker feel happier.

    1. The poem shows the power of small things to change our mood.

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