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TRY QUIZZES: Class 9 Quizzes

07-07-2023Read lesson 1 ‘The lost child’ in Supplementary Reader.Buy Oxford Dictionary:
10th Edition (Latest)
Second Saturday
Write notes on ‘Using unless’.Download Using ‘unless’
10-07-2023Read lesson 1 ‘The Lost Child’ in Supplementary Reader.
11-07-2023Read the lesson ‘The Lost Child’ and mark the difficult parts.
12-07-2023Practise Grammar questions
on Pages 31 and 33 in Study Material (Volume 1)
13-07-2023Practise Comprehension
Passages from Section-C in Volume 1
(Pages 50, 51 and 52)
Buy Oxford Dictionary:
10th Edition (Latest)
14-07-2023Read the lesson ‘The Lost Child’ and mark the difficult parts.Practise comprehension passages from the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’.
15-07-2023Read the ‘The sounds of music’ Part 1 in Unit-2.
1. The sound of music-Notes
2. Know more about
Ann Rachlin of
Beethoven Fund

3. About the author
Deborah Cowley

4. Visit Royal Academy of Music Website
5. Know more about Dame Evelyn Glennie
6. Listen to the text ‘The
Sound of music’ read by
MNB Achari
17-07-2023Read the ‘The sounds of music’ Part 1 in Unit 2.Percussion instruments
18-07-2023Try these quizzes.
The fun they had’
The road not taken
19-07-2023Try this quiz:
The sound of music Part-1
20-07-2023Try this quiz:
Using ‘unless’
22-07-2023Read the ‘The sounds of music’ Part 1 in Unit 2.
24-07-2023Slip test
25-07-2023Try the quiz ‘The lost child’
Read the lesson ‘Bismillah Khan’.
FA-1 Test items and weightage
Dil ka khilona hai toot gaya
26-07-2023FA-1 Test items and weightage
27-07-2023Prepare for the slip test.
The fun they had
Using unless and if not
28-07-2023Using adverbs QuizUsing adverbs Quiz
29-07-2023 Holiday (Muharram)
30-7-2023 Sunday
31-07-2023Revise ‘Short answer type questions from ‘The fun they had’ and ‘The lost child’.
02-08-2023Prepare for FA 1 Exams
03-08-2023Prepare for FA 1 Exams
04-08-2023Prepare for FA 1 Exams
05-08-2023FA-1 English Exam
09-08-2023Learn Irregular verbsIrregular verbs Quiz
11-08-2023Learn ‘Tense structures ‘.Tense structures pdf
14-08-2023Read ‘The Adventures of Toto’
from ‘Moments’ (Supplementary reader).
16-08-2023Prepare for Slip Test
on 31-07-2023
Test items:
1. Adverbs
2. Using ‘unless’ and ‘if not
The Adventures of Toto-Quiz
19-08-2023Do the quiz (‘Wind’ poem)
21-08-2023Read ‘The Adventures of Toto’
from ‘Moments’ (Supplementary reader).
22-08-2023Read the lesson ‘The Little Girl’.
23-08-2023Read the lesson ‘The Little Girl’.
24-08-2023Do the quiz ‘The little girl’.
25-08-2023Do the quiz ‘The little girl’.
(On leave)
28-08-2023Do the quiz ‘The little girl’.
31-08-2023Read ‘Iswaran, the storyteller’.
01-09-2023Read ‘Iswaran, the storyteller’.
02-09-2023Write Reported Speech notes.
05-09-2023Download Personal Pronouns Chart
08-09-2023FA-2 Slip Test Syllabus:
Bismillah Khan
Wind (poem)
The little girl
Rain on the roof (poem)
Iswaran the storyteller
15-09-2023Prepare for FA-2.
22-09-2023Try Rain on the roof-quiz
23-09-2023Answer the Creative Writing question.
27-09-2023Try the quiz:
A truly beautiful mind
07-10-2023Try the quiz:
The Lake Isle of
09-10-2023Read the lesson ‘In the Kingdom of Fools’ (Moments)
10-10-2023Try the quiz
‘In the kingdom of fools’
15-10-2023Join Whatsapp Channel for class 9 and 10.
(Don’t worry. No one will be able to see you and your number.)
31-10-2023The snake and the mirror quiz link will be posted on 02-11-2023.
05-11-2023Join Whatsapp Channel for class 9 and 10.
(Don’t worry. No one will be able to see you and your number.)
06-11-2023Prepare for Slip Test
Download ‘Creative Expression Booklet’ pdf
15-11-2023Download ‘Practice Paper Key’.
18-11-2023Download S.A-1 Revision Plan
06-12-2023Learn Tense structures and Irregular verbs.
07-12-2003Try these quizzes:
1. Tense Structures and usage
2. Irregular verbs (Try at least twice.)
17-12-2023Try the quiz ‘A legend of the Northland’.
24-12-2023Try ‘Passive Voice Test’.
28-1-2024Try the quiz ‘The last leaf’.