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Summary of the poem ‘Rain on the roof’ by Coates Kinney.

Coates Kinney’s poem, titled “The Rain,” is a beautiful and evocative portrayal of the calming and nostalgic feelings that rain can bring. The poem is divided into three stanzas, each describing different aspects of the experience of a rainy night.

In the first stanza, the poet sets the scene by describing a rainy night. The sky is filled with stars, but it’s also covered by dark and damp clouds, creating a melancholic atmosphere. The rain falls gently, like tears from the sad darkness. The speaker finds immense happiness in lying in a cozy bed within a cottage, their head resting on a soft pillow, and simply listening to the raindrops tapping on the roof. It’s as if the rain’s sound is a soothing lullaby, creating a sense of bliss and comfort.

The second stanza delves deeper into the impact of the rain’s sound. Every raindrop hitting the shingles of the roof creates a tiny sound, and these sounds resonate deeply in the speaker’s heart. These gentle raindrop sounds trigger a flood of imaginative thoughts and daydreams, filling the speaker’s mind with countless fantasies and memories. It’s as if the rain’s melody awakens the dreamer within, weaving a tapestry of thoughts and recollections.

In the third stanza, the speaker’s thoughts turn to their mother, who, in years past, used to lovingly watch over them and other dreamy children in the family before leaving them to sleep until dawn. The memory of the mother’s tender gaze and care comes back vividly as the speaker listens to the rain on the roof. The rain’s patter becomes a comforting refrain, almost like a reminder of the mother’s presence and love.

In simple terms, the poem celebrates the beauty and comfort of listening to the rain while lying in bed. The rain’s gentle sound on the roof awakens the imagination, evokes memories, and creates a sense of nostalgia. The poem conveys the idea that rain can bring us back to cherished moments from the past and provide solace in the present, connecting us to feelings of love and warmth, particularly the love of a mother. It captures the serene and reflective atmosphere of a rainy night and the deep emotions it can evoke.

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